Quality Function Deployment (QFD)

What it is

QFD translates the voice of the customer into product requirements, detailed specifications, manufacturing processes and systems, in order to ensure that new products successfully meet market objectives.

What results can I expect?

When properly implemented, QFD will result in major improvements in:

How do I know if it will help me?

QFD may help your product development efforts if:

How does it work?

By a thorough understanding of customer needs and expectations, grounded by an understanding of competitor's capabilities, key sales points are determined. These sales points are intended to be the differentiators used to win customer loyalty and market share.

Each sales point is translated into measurable product requirements. This is typically done using a matrix chart called the House of Quality. With the product requirements in mind, multiple product concepts are developed, which are evaluated against those requirements. Once the product concept is chosen the detailed design is created and critical specifications determined, which will drive fulfillment of the sales points. This is typically is done using another matrix, called a Design Deployment chart.

In like manner, critical process parameters and production controls are determined. In this way QFD can take the voice of the customer throughout the product development process, into manufacturing, and down to the shop floor.


Some of the errors most commonly made include:

The EurekaResults difference

We can help you create a more effective solution by combining the power of QFD with a combination of design simplification and lean manufacturing approaches.

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